Dex-Pro Gloves

Our Dex-Pro Firefighter Gloves are certified to NFPA 1971 and engineered with the finest materials. Top Grain Cowhide adds durability and gripping power where you want it most. Its naturally abrasion-resistant qualities make it the best choice for both wet and dry conditions. Get a highly flexible broken-in feeling straight out of the bag. Learn more about the materials and reinforcements that go into each pair of our Dex-Pro gloves.

Dex-Pro Gloves

Our gloves are perfected to bring you superior comfort, dexterity, and thermal protection to meet the demands of the job.

The Dex-Pro’s three-dimensional design is paired with materials that make the fit feel so natural you'll wonder why you didn't switch sooner.

With 60+ TPP and two layers of thermal lining that extend down the fingers, the Dex-Pro provides nearly 4 times the NFPA requirement for heat protection and is the highest level of heat protection of any current NFPA-certified glove

  • Rollover Fingertips
    • Get a grip with tactically designed seamless fingertips
  • Dexflex Fingers
    • Reduce restriction and minimize hand fatigue with naturally-bent fingers

  • Keystone Thumb
    • Get more flexibility with 360 degree range of motion with the keystone thumb design
  • Reinforcements
    • Reinforced knuckle and palm guards provide added thermal protection against conductive heat
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